We are looking for people to help us with the translations of WT Tactical Map app so that you and others can get the app in your native language.


Language Code Translated by
Czech cs Button
German de LoLmauZz, SplashScreen, HennesDe, DanBeast1337
Greek el the_observer
Spanish es Shinichi, Rafaand, Dragonition, DJ-Sideral
French fr rekojem, SismoDingo
Hungarian hu Tomsa
Croatian hr GalaxyMaster201
Italian it lunhilion, Valdemar47
Japanese ja cimo12
Korean ko Kim Se Young
Dutch nl Shtefo, thimonbongaards
Polish pl ADi21071, Stunter, MateuszSC
Portuguese pt xxdvgxx, skywork, xbral, Jorge Henriques, hugodinis
Brazilian Portuguese pt_BR Augusto Antipou, Victor Colella
Russian ru StariyMetall, DeusExPerceptron, StingerIII, ZorroGFS
Swedish sv joten70
Turkish tr RaptiyeTR
Ukrainian uk bigvovan, frozzyk
Chinese zh raolex2006, mikifuns
Traditional Chinese zh_TW mikifuns


Up to date Up to date
(waiting to be deployed)
Missing some translations Missing a lot of translations

How to

If you would like to help:

  1. Go To GitHub repository
  2. Before starting to translate you need to sign up (upper right corner – don't worry, it takes like 30 seconds)
  3. After signing up, open the values-new_lng folder (or values-xx if you want to just fix something in xx language) and then the open file strings.xml
  4. To start writing click Edit on the upper menu bar.
  5. Edit the string between xml tags, example:
    <string name="xxx">Needs to be translated</string>
    <item>this also needs translation</item>
  6. You can change folder by typing “../new-folder/strings.xml” to the name field at the top
  7. After modifications submit the changes by clicking the Propose file change and then Send pull request on the next page.

Thanks to everyone who considers participating in making this app more open to the world!


  • Feel free to update this to reflect reality
  • In case of any problem, post in the forum or contact Button
  • Step by step translation guide created by Sagiska
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