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Version: v0.01 (9/30/2015)


Medieval multiplayer RTS.

Story background

You may choose to start with group of Travelers or Traders or band Thieves.

  • If you start with Travelers your purpose is to find land with plentiful resources, where you can prosper in peace and may grow. If goods be willing you may once even grow to powerful city.
  • If you chose group of Traders your main task is to mostly to buy cheap and sell high. For this you will need to travel from settlement to settlement, establish secure routes, build warehouses and trade centers.
  • And if you start with band of Thieves you will probably want to pillage Traveler's settlements, hijack Trader's caravans and loot hideouts of other Thieves.

But nothing in your path is set in stone and there is a lot of stories of honest traders turning into thieves or settling down or even stories about merciless bandits turning into successful businessman. There is also a lot of graves. Your main enemy will be old age and material degradation, you will need to carefully balance your economy and manage supplies or your empire may fault like house of cards in slight breeze.


Game will run in browser on modified real map. Multiplayer will be limited to coop and/or selective competition - running distinct sessions for selected groups.

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