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Chasm is multiplayer RPG board game played on multiple devices arranged to create single staging area - vast chasm - where playable heroes fight various monsters and environment obstacles.

Story background

Group of heroes is looking for long lost treasures in unmapped chasm complex. Environment is unstable and hostile, collapses and cave-ins are frequent and it wouldn't be the first time lives were lost to the rouge flood rivers or hidden lava fissures. Due to hostility of the environment only its toughest inhabitants ware able to survive there and will take advantage of any food wandering to their doorstep - clad in armor or not - they'll eat you raw or grill you on lava if you're not prepared to take them on.


Game will be played on multiple devices laying in the same plane frame-to-frame. As heroes progress through chasms faraway parts (or devices with depleted battery/incoming calls) may be subject to accidents like cave-ins and if possible devices will be recycled to create new paths ahead.

One or two devices (for 4-6 players) will be serving as controllers and each player will set his next move, then send the device to player on his left. When all players set their move the game will advance.

For every 4 players one player will be randomly selected to play for boss monster (other monsters will have AI but player can direct them to his/hers agenda). If boss is slain another more powerful will emerge from unexplored parts. Bosses should usually be slower then players and guard treasures.

Game characters - heroes will be bound to player account stored in cloud, so when a group o people come together they each log in and retrieve one of their characters to play with. Each character will have experience that he gathers on his journeys, but in case is incapacitated during particular journey he might not remember much to learn from and in case he dies player will have only opportunity to take on the next expedition his apprentice that hopefully learn at least something from his master.


  • Viewport - If players will be sitting around table (in all direction from screens) we will be unable to use standard isometric projection, so we either use top-down view or we'll need to come up with some workaround.

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Tezar's review3Could be interesting, but needs morre gameplay descriptionTezar2015/04/18 18:32
Sagi's review5Sounds cool!Sagi2015/04/15 22:20
Broukova's review4WHAT?Broukova2015/04/12 11:01

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