FIFA Mobile is the mobile version of the ever-popular FIFA game

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FIFA Mobile is the mobile version of the ever-popular FIFA game

Postby mmocs » Thu Jan 03, 2019 5:53 am

FIFA Mobile is the mobile version of the ever-popular FIFA game, which was launched in October 2016 for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. The game has come a long way since its launch, and the latest iteration of the game is only available on iOS and Android platforms. The free-to-download game includes a host of features that not only keep the gamer engaged but also improve the overall feel of the game so that it mimics real-life fluid football.

Just make sure you have a reasonably powerful device. The base game doesn't ask for much (2012-era hardware can work), but the Head to Head mode typically demands a phone or tablet that would have been flagship-level in 2014 or later. Certain older or lower-end Snapdragon-based devices are right out, EA said. You should be alright if you're using a reasonably quick and modern phone, but you might otherwise have to settle for playing against AI opponents.

A new season for FIFA Mobile is coming soon, and it will bring with it a few new gameplay elements, but more importantly, it will also bring a new graphics engine. So in order to test this new engine out, Electronic Arts have released a small segment of the upcoming season inside of a free limited beta release on the Play Store. It is appropriately called FIFA Soccer: Gameplay Beta, and you can test it out right now. Best and Cheapest FIFA Mobile Coins For Sale -

The new season of FIFA Mobile brought with it a lot of hype, as it usually does. But, similar to last season’s rendition, it was ill-justified. The game’s creators felt the need to add levels of sophistication that are completely unnecessary. Not to mention that now they are paying for that by having to fix bug-after-bug. The problems with Season 3 of FIFA Mobile are not simply because of the new changes the developers made, they also stem from a fundamental lack of ethics and a consistent agenda to make you purchase as much as possible.

More improvements to animation quality and control on defense have been included too, and a new suite of skill moves, such as step over, lane change, and heel-to-heel have been added. Finally, EA says it has added a brand new Free Kick system that should allow players to trace the ball trajectory across the screen.

The campaign is an assorted collection of various single-player challenges that the player must finish to earn exciting rewards. Each campaign is divided into multiple chapters, which in turn has multiple challenges that you need to complete to finish the single-player campaign mode. Like any game, the chapters increase in difficulty as one progress, and the increased difficulty is duly rewarded with better rewards.

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Re: FIFA Mobile is the mobile version of the ever-popular FIFA game

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