AV3922-003 Jordan Legacy 312 New Colorways is Available

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AV3922-003 Jordan Legacy 312 New Colorways is Available

Postby blair2019 » Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:21 pm

As one of the most active designers in today's sneakers, Don C has presented us with many outstanding works in the past two years, and recently the new Jordan Legacy 312 new color scheme officially released. Don C's sneaker design has continued the style of “street luxury” that he created. The overall texture of the pair of sneakers is similar to that of Just Don x Converse, which was recently released, and is covered with a large area of ​​suede. These sneakers are in a silhouette style, on a dark black background, from the toe, Swoosh Logo to the heel, with the military green camouflage, the upper is simple and tough. The delicate texture is above the strong street style, which brings a tough guy's texture different from the previous shoes.

2014 Fragment x Air Jordan 1 The birth of the Great Lightning gave the sneakers a pair of shoes, and even led to the Air Jordan 1 small lightning price that was released earlier this year. In fact, as early as 2017, there was a joint news of Air Jordan 1 black and red lightning, but in the end it was not. In the second half of this year, many sneakers broke the news. Fragment x Air Jordan 1 Black and Red Lightning will be released in 2019. Recently, there is finally a physical exposure of this color. Based on the most classic Air Jordan 1 black toe color scheme, the Fragment's iconic lightning logo is added to the heel. It seems that next year's release will become a reality.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,A few days ago, OFF-WHITE leader Virgil Abloh seemed to reveal that the “The Ten” series was about to end in a few words, causing a sensation in the shoe circle and a big ups and downs in the shoe market. But recently, there is another OFF-WHITE x Nike new shoe type exposure, which seems to indicate that OFF-WHITE x Nike is not finished yet! It is rumored that this new shoe type is called Nike Tailwind Vapor Fly, which can be seen to combine Nike's first pair of air-cushion shoes Tailwind and the most avant-garde racing shoes Vapor Fly design elements. The sole is clearly derived from the racing shoes in the Breaking 2 project. It has an ultra-thick cushioning layer and aerodynamic sharp heel, indicating that the font is changed to “NOT AIR”. The upper is from Tailwind, which is made up of traditional fabrics with tumbling fur, but with a translucent flap at the toe to continue the deconstructed style.

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Re: AV3922-003 Jordan Legacy 312 New Colorways is Available

Postby vellexis » Tue May 28, 2019 9:52 pm

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