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App renamed

"WT Tactical Map" is now just "Tactical Map"

Old android app has been retired by Google content police. You can find the new app here.

Another Project out

Real time map for War Thunder

This app gets it data directly from the game and shows ground units, allied planes and detected enemy planes. It will also alert you when enemy plane gets close and at bottom of the screen you can see details about remaining ground units.

This app needs for proper functionality IP address of your computer. How to get it see this.

App can by found on Google play here.

New Project

Oculus Rift on Android

Few day ago my Rift finally arrived and I was instantly overwhelmed by ideas what to do with it. On of which was: Let'S try it on Android!

More can by found on forum.

Second Project out

Remote Silencer

So we got another project out, this time it's Android tool allowing users to mute multiple devices with one click. My original motivation was that every evening and morning I needed to turn off/on sound on my phone and tablet, and why do it on to separate devices when in just few week of development we can have tool for that.

App has a pairing process and then you can always set ignore on whoever is paired, so you don't need to fear that someone will be playing with your sound.

App can by found in Google play here.

If you have any ideas for improvements or if you found a bug contact me on the forum.

First Project out

Online map status for Planetside2

First project to go public is Android application displaying map for computer game Planetside2. Application gets it's data from online server and is showing which region is conquered by which faction.

App can by found in Google play here.